Main Factors to Consider When Buying a Rangehood

13 April 2021

When preparing or cooking a meal, there are certain elements that are introduced to the air. Some of these elements are odours, moisture, and grease. Without any additional devices, most of these elements would be stuck inside the kitchen. They could even reach other parts of a property until they contaminate the air and cause some more issues and problems.

To avoid contamination of the air, property owners should invest some of their money in buying a rangehood. Rangehood is a device that is typically located above the stove or cooktop. This specific device can remove airborne odour, moisture, grease, smoke, heat, steam, fumes, and other combustion products in the air, ensuring that the property will possess a much cleaner and healthier air. This device often has fans and filters to make the air cleaner, even if someone intends to cook for a long time.

If you intend to buy a rangehood for your kitchen, here are some factors that you should consider.

Available Space

One of the factors that you must consider when buying a rangehood is your kitchen space. Your rangehood must fit well with your available space above your stove or cooktop. So, in finding the best rangehood size for your kitchen, you may use the size of your stove or cooktop as your guide. One more significance of considering your kitchen space is that it can help determine the amount of power needed for your rangehood fans to work well against strong cooking odours and elements.

Kitchen Layout

Aside from the available space, another factor that you must consider is your kitchen layout. Generally, your rangehood must be 25-30 inches above your stove or cooktop. Its installation, however, will still depend on the available fixtures in your kitchen. Some rangehoods may already be mounted on a wall. Others, alternatively, can be integrated into an overhead canopy or even suspended from the ceiling. Depending on your preference, you must pick a rangehood type that can fit comfortably with your kitchen.

Exhaust System

One more factor to consider when buying a rangehood would be your preferred type of exhaust system. If you utilise a rangehood with a ducted exhaust system, then it is expected to use ducts in removing contaminated air out of your property. This type of rangehood can is often installed on an exterior wall. Alternatively, if you opt for a rangehood with a duct-free exhaust system, then it is expected to filter and clean the contaminated air before returning it to your kitchen as clean air.

Overall Costs

When buying a rangehood, one primary factor that you will surely consider is its overall costs. The cost of a rangehood may vary depending on its accompanying features. There are rangehoods that may possess sensors, automatic shut-off features, and built-in lighting, making them somehow more expensive compared to the simpler ones. This factor will now fall solely to your available budget.

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