Oven Fan Forced Elements: What are they?

27 July 2018

Fan forced ovens are very popular today. In fact, many homeowners are being recommended to install these in their kitchens because they will cook food better than conventional ovens. However, true as it is, many people still aren’t sure what makes fan forced ovens different, or better, than conventional ovens?

What makes this type of oven better at cooking food than conventional ovens is the oven fan forced element. What are they? Basically, these have a special heating element located in the back of the oven that encompasses or surrounds a mounted fan. The combination of the heating element and the fan allows for greater temperature control while cooking food than standard ovens.

The main reason for greater regulating control of temperature is because hot air is created and circulated within the oven immediately. By introducing heat in this way, it makes the cooking process more efficient by distributing heat evenly, resulting in more evenly and thoroughly cooked food.

Benefits of Oven Fan Forced Elements

The main benefit of oven fan forced elements is that you have better control of regulating the heat while cooking, and that the hot air is being circulated evenly around food being cooked. This not only makes oven cooking more efficient and faster, but also less expensive to operate, since heat is created instantly, which is ideal for people who cook often.

A fan forced oven can cook and bake anything that a conventional oven can. When it comes to baking, or cooking food that requires gradual heat, the oven fan forced element can be turned off. While fan forced ovens are basically the same as conventional ovens, without the oven fan forced element, they will eventually wear down from use and need to be serviced and repaired.

Replacement Parts and Servicing for Fan Forced Ovens

Even when standard replacement parts for quality conventional oven brands are needed, these can be hard to find, but when replacements for oven fan forced elements are required, it can be very difficult to find from just any kitchen appliance service.

Many appliance services do have basic spare parts for ovens available, but most do not have spare parts for major kitchen appliance brands such as Savior-Faire, Euromaid, St. George, Euro Appliances, Ascot, Schweigen, Arc Appliance and many others.

If you are looking for replacement parts for any major brand oven, such as oven fan forced elements, you can find everything you need online at Master Tech Appliance Service.

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