Prioritising Safety Procedures in Kitchen Appliance Installation During Covid19 Pandemic

11 June 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has definitely changed a lot of things about our way of living. Physical or social distancing must always be implemented, especially when you are out in the public. Numerous old but somehow crucial hygienic procedures must also be practiced so that it can help us reduce the chances of getting the coronavirus as well as other diseases. 

Another thing that has changed during this global health crisis is the way kitchen appliance installations are being fulfilled and executed. You see, installation tasks are used to require physical interaction among you and the contractors. Specific installation tasks that must be done were also given face-to-face. If they need any tools, then you can freely give them without any hesitation before. But now, safety procedures must be prioritised throughout the installation services.

Before the Visit

Upon purchase of your kitchen appliance, some stores would immediately offer you installation services. If they do not have such services, then find a contractor that can fulfill your much-needed installation works. Remember though that unlike before, most installation works must be scheduled ahead of time. Service providers would like to prepare their personnel as well as assess your real situation before commencing the installation works.

They would ask you whether anyone in your household had been diagnosed with the virus. Additionally, they would also like to know your travel history and if you have interacted with someone who is exposed to the virus. Supply them with honest answers to avoid any problems in the long run. Alternatively, you can also assess the condition of the contractor before allowing them to conduct installation services. Ask about their safety precautions and the way they would perform the services. You must also request a contactless transaction to avoid any physical interaction.

During the Visit

Once your appointment is set, it might be the best time to plan everything out. You must determine the only places your contractor can access to effectively limit their interaction with your objects and surfaces. For smoother installation, you must prepare the work area beforehand. Some of the preparations you can do include precleaning the area and having hand soap and cleaners ready.

And when the contractor comes, you must strictly follow the guidelines of the authorities concerning the interaction with other people. You must stand 6 feet back from them and regularly clean your hands with soap. You must also wear a mask and gloves to ensure safety. Contractors are usually equipped with personal protective equipment, but if they need gloves and mask, then offer them a new set. You can also allow them to wash their hands first before proceeding to their work to maximise protection.

Payment methods may vary depending on the service company. If they allow payment through an app, then pay them after the service is done. However, if they do not have this type of payment method, then just put the payment alongside the tip in a sealed envelope and place it on a surface for them to pick up.

After the Visit

After the kitchen appliance installation is done, then this would be the best time for you to clean everything up. Every path that the contractor has accessed and interacted with and even its surrounding perimeter must be cleaned thoroughly with household cleaning products. Just make sure that these products have agents that can eradicate the coronavirus. Additionally, you must wash your hands, again and again, to avoid contracting any virus and ensure personal hygiene. All the safety procedures mentioned can be truly helpful whenever kitchen appliance installation and even other manual labour services are employed in your home or office. If you need help with installation and other services during these times, then feel free to call us at Master Tech Appliance Services.

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