Should You Opt to Own Induction Cooktops?

27 April 2022

New cooking technologies are now taking a lot of countries by storm. One of these new popular cooking technologies is induction cooktops. It has been gaining popularity over the years because compared with gas or electric cooktops, induction cooktops can cook more quickly. If you are thinking of experiencing the significant performance of an induction cooktop, here are the pros and cons of induction cooktops before you make a big switch from your gas or electric stove to an induction cooktop.



Induction cooktops are safer than gas burners since they do not emit flame and hence, no kitchen fire.Induction cooktops are made saferthan the standard cooktop by adding a feature that when you remove the cookware, the induction cooktop will automatically turn off, hence avoiding the possible risk of a kitchen fire. With no open flame, it prevents the risk of burns and fire-related injuries.

Quicker To Cook

Switching to an induction cooktop is the best option for you if you want a cooktop than can easily cook. Induction cooktops heat faster since the pan will heat up directly and quickly immediately after putting it in the induction cooktop. If you are a busy person, we highly recommend an induction cooktop.

Easy to Clean

Unlike the standard cooktops, induction cooktops are easier to clean and maintain. Since only the portion of the induction cooktop is in contact with the cookware that heats up, the other portion will remain cool.


A Bit Pricey

Induction cooktops are a bit more pricey than the standard cooktops and their electric counterparts since they have an added feature, and they are also new. But if you consider the long-term impact of induction cooktop on your pocket, it is an investment.

Not Compatible with All Cookware

Induction cooktops require specific cookware, which means they are not compatible with just any cookware. You may have to ditch all your old cookware sets and make sure to use only cookware marked with “induction safe”.

There Is a Possibility that They Can Scratch or Break

Induction cooktops are made of smooth glass so there is a possibility that they can be scratched or broken when you’re not careful. That is why using sharp tools and hard cleaning materials must be avoided because induction cooktops are more prone to scratch. In contrast with their electric or gas countertops, induction cooktops must be used and handled properly since they have a glass-ceramic surface that may crack if used roughly.

Still, the pros also outweigh the cons. So, make the big switch when you’re ready and include an induction cooktop in your kitchen. At Master Tech Appliance Services, we provide excellent knowledge and service for all brands of cooking appliances with various types of cooktops for you to choose from.

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