The 5 Salient Features of Wall Ovens

29 June 2022

Ovens are a vital part of every kitchen space, especially if you are the type who loves to bake and roast. Wall ovens are very space-saving and versatile compared to their other counterparts. It provides so many benefits for your kitchen, with convenience as the most important. That is why more and more homeowners are switching to wall ovens. If you are currently planning to buy equipment for your new kitchen and you are having a hard time deciding if you want a wall oven or not, then let us dig into these 5 salient features of wall ovens to help you decide if a wall oven is a perfect option for your newly remodelled kitchen.

Electric Display

Wall ovens have an electric display that lets you see the baking timer visibly and the settings to allow easy operation. This is one of the salient features of wall ovens that makes some homeowners switch from theirstandard ovens. With wall ovens, you can easily see and tap the settings to conveniently operate them when doing your baking and roasting.

Right Height

Ifbending over your low range has become so tiring and a hassle for you, then opting for a wall oven is the best option for you. Wall ovens, as their name suggests, are built to fit your wall with a height just around your waist to ensure easy and convenient baking. Putting your dish into the oven and checking on its progress with an oven that requires you to constantly hunch over is very uncomfortable and inconvenient for you. Thus, switching to a wall oven is the answer to this dilemma since it allows you to check your food at eye level.

Sleek Look

The glass-look display of a wall oven offers a sleek look to its overall appearance. Wall oven makes your baking and roasting experience more streamlined. Design-wise, the glass lock display of a wall oven can add to the aesthetic value and appeal of your kitchen. Overall, wall ovens showcase a modern and sleek design.


Wall ovens have fan-forced cooling features for safety. This built-in cooling fan automatically turns on when it detects a high temperature, to maintain the coolness of the exterior door. They have a great cooling exterior door, a salient feature that baking enthusiasts love. Thanks to technological advancements, it helps lessen your worry of accidentally burning your fingers when opening the oven doors to get your food.

With Convection Technology

This is a common feature on every wall oven. Wall ovens use a fan to help circulate the air in their interior portion. With convection technology, it allows you to save money on electricity bills since the heat is spread evenly in its racks. The wall oven heats evenly to ensure that everything you roast and bake will come out flawless and evenly cooked since it uses more advanced convection technology to make even baking and roasting achievable. So, before you rush into buying a new oven for your kitchen, make sure that the oven that you choose has this advanced feature.

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