Wall Oven or Under-Bench Oven: What’s the Best Location for Your Oven?

24 October 2022

You are currently in the design phase of your kitchen renovation, but one obstacle prevents you from beginning the construction and installation: where should the oven go? If you want to create a separate cooking column, should you place them underneath the counter, stove, and range hood? Or should you mount it in an oven tower against the wall at a higher height? Look no further if you’re trying to weigh the advantages and disadvantages or if you’re having trouble deciding which choice best suits your lifestyle.

To make your life easier and to help move that renovation timeline along, we’ll walk you through the considerations and factors you should keep in mind when making this decision in this blog.

Consider Maximising Your Bench Space

You get to increase your overall amount of bench space by putting your oven underneath your counter and next to your base cabinets, which is one of the main benefits. People with smaller kitchens tend to recognise the frustration that comes from having little bench space more frequently. In these situations, every square centimetre of counter space is valuable, and it is advantageous to have the oven below the counter rather than in an oven tower against the wall.

Consider The Overall Look You Want to Achieve

The layout and appearance you want to achieve in your kitchen can also influence where you ultimately place your oven. For instance, it is simple to incorporate an oven tower or a wall-mounted oven into the cabinets if you have a galley kitchen and want to build a sleek wall of floor-to-ceiling cabinetry.

It becomes apparent that an under-bench oven can help emphasise the uninterrupted profiles of the doors if you rarely use appliances and prefer to highlight the sleek, glossy appearance of your cabinet faces. If you’re unsure whether having an oven tower or a wall oven is practical, under-bench ovens work well with most kitchen layouts. By using under-bench ovens, you can avoid jigsaw-style patterns and create clear vertical lines that give the appearance of modularity.

Consider the Way You Use Your Kitchen

Finally, how you use your kitchen, what you typically cook, and how you prefer to move around your space all play a significant role in where you decide to put your oven. As an illustration, having a wall oven can make it easier to access your oven if you frequently bake rather than having to stoop down or bend over perpendicularly every time you want to put your cakes in for cooking.

As an alternative, having stacked oven towers next to each other can be useful if you frequently have guests over and would benefit greatly from having two or more ovens. While the rest of your food is cooking, you can keep your prepared food warm. At the same time, you can demonstrate your culinary prowess by placing your wall oven on display for your guests to admire rather than tucked away beneath the counter. Additionally, having a wall oven tower can enable you to stack several appliances together. Nowadays, many oven towers have room for a microwave to fit above the oven, putting all your essential practical appliances in one location.

If you already know where you want to put your oven and are prepared to make a purchase, know that Master Tech is a dependable supplier of high-quality ovens. Consider us your one-stop shop for kitchen appliances and services since we carry parts for many other cooking appliance brands. Call us now for enquiries or book an installation online.

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