What Makes Gas Cooktops a Practical Kitchen Appliance Choice

13 July 2018

There are no shortages of cooktops to choose from, and if you are in the market for a new cooktop then you should consider a gas cooktop as the practical kitchen appliance choice for your home. Why choose a gas cooktop for your kitchen? To help answer that question, there are some things you should consider.

Why Gas Cooktops are a Practical Kitchen Appliance Choice for Your Home

If you are thinking about installing a new cooktop in your kitchen, then you should consider a gas cooktop for the following reasons:

Saves kitchen space – gas cooktops are superior to conventional ranges for various reasons, they take up less space and can allow more storage space for pots and pans. Because of this, you can do more with them when it comes to kitchen design options, as they take up less space than most ovens and are perfect for use in smaller kitchens.

Generates heat faster than electric ovens – compared to electric burners, gas cooktops have a faster heat response time and allows for drastically better control of heat from high to low settings. Also, most electric burners have a maximum heat setting, but with gas cooktops you can achieve higher temperatures if needed for better frying of foods. While there have been impressive improvement in electric burners, professional chefs still prefer to cook with gas cooktops because of the ability to better control heat at all ranges.

Sealed gas burners
– gas cooktops can come with burners capped with a metal disk, this effectively prevents flame holes from getting food into them, and also more evenly distributes heat across pots and pans instead of direct-flame burners. Food is cooked in much the same way as electric burners.

Savoir Faire Gas Cooktops Your Practical Kitchen Appliance Choice

Whether you need a gas cooktop for a commercial kitchen or for your home, Savoir Faire gas cooktops are the practical kitchen appliance choice. In fact, they are the preferred choice among professional chefs and the best home cooks, for good reason – a quality cooktop is an absolute kitchen essential. Savoir Faire gas cooktops are highly dependable, efficient, and consistently used to produce the best foods, which is why catering services and restaurants use them.

You can order quality Savoir Faire gas cooktops from Master Tech Appliance Services, and then have them delivered and installed. Simply just book an installation online, it only takes a few minutes, and you will get confirmation within 48 hours after booking.

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